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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 77.3 — Standards.

(a) The standards established in this part for determining obstructions to air navigation are used by the Administrator in:

(1) Administering the Federal-aid Airport Program and the Surplus Airport Program;

(2) Transferring property of the United States under section 16 of the Federal Airport Act;

(3) Developing technical standards and guidance in the design and construction of airports; and

(4) Imposing requirements for public notice of the construction or alteration of any structure where notice will promote air safety.

(b) The standards used by the Administrator in the establishment of flight procedures and aircraft operational limitations are not set forth in this part but are contained in other publications of the Administrator.

[Doc. No. 1882, 30 FR 1839, Feb. 10, 1965, as amended by Amdt. 77–9, 36 FR 5970, Apr. 1, 1971]

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