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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 77.55 — Examination of witnesses.

(a) Each witness at a hearing under this subpart shall, after being sworn by the presiding officer, give his testimony under oath.

(b) The party for whom a witness, other than an employee of the FAA, is testifying shall examine that witness. After that examination, other parties to the hearing may examine the witness, in the order fixed by the presiding officer. The presiding officer and the legal officer may then examine the witness. The presiding officer may grant any party an additional opportunity to examine any witness, if that party adequately justifies the additional examination.

(c) The legal officer examines each FAA employee who is a witness, before the other parties examine him. After that examination, the order prescribed in paragraph (b) of this section applies. An FAA employee may testify only as to facts within his personal knowledge and the application of FAA regulations, standards, and policies.

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