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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 77.63 — Record of hearing.

(a) Each hearing is recorded verbatim by an official reporter under an FAA contract. The transcript, and all exhibits, become a part of the record of the hearing.

(b) Any person may buy a copy of the transcript of the hearing from the reporter at the price fixed for it.

(c) The presiding officer may allow any party to withdraw an original document if he submits authenticated copies of it.

(d) Any person may buy, from the FAA, photostatic copies of any exhibit by paying the copying costs.

(e) A change in the official transcript of a hearing may be made only if it involves an error of substance. Any recommendation to correct the transcript must be filed with the presiding officer within 5 days after the hearing closes. The presiding officer reviews each request for a correction to the extent he considers appropriate and shall make any revisions that he finds appropriate as a result of that review.

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