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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 77.73 — General provisions.

(a) An antenna farm area consists of a specified geographical location with established dimensions of area and height, where antenna towers with a common impact on aviation may be grouped. Each such area is established by appropriate rule making action.

(b) Each proposal for an antenna farm area is evaluated on the basis of its effect on the use of navigable airspace. The views of the Federal Communications Commission are requested on the effect that each establishment of an antenna farm area would have on its statutory responsibilities. Any views submitted by it are fully considered before the antenna farm concerned is established. If the Commission advises that the establishment of any proposed antenna farm area would interfere with its statutory responsibility, the proposed area is not established.

(c) The establishment of an antenna farm area is considered whenever it is proposed by:

(1) The FAA;

(2) The Federal Communications Commission;

(3) The sponsor of a proposed antenna tower; or

(4) Any other person having a substantial interest in a proposed antenna tower.

[Doc. No. 1882, 30 FR 1839, Feb. 10, 1965, as amended by Amdt. 77–10, 37 FR 4705, Mar. 4, 1972]

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