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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 93.26 — Reversion and withdrawal of Arrival Authorizations.

(a) A U.S. or Canadian air carrier's Arrival Authorizations assigned under §§93.25 or 93.27 revert automatically to the FAA 30 days after the Carrier has ceased all operations at O'Hare for any reason other than a strike.

(b) The FAA may withdraw or temporarily suspend Arrival Authorizations at any time as a result of reduced airport capacity or to fulfill operational needs. Whenever Arrival Authorizations must be withdrawn, they will be withdrawn in the required 30-minute Arrival Authorization time periods in accordance with the priority list established under §93.32 of this subpart.

(c) Any Arrival Authorization that is withdrawn or temporarily suspended under paragraph (b) will, if reassigned, be reassigned to the Carrier from which it was taken, provided that the Carrier continues to conduct scheduled operations at O'Hare.

(d) The FAA shall not withdraw or temporarily suspend under paragraph (b) any Arrival Authorizations if the result would be to reduce a Carrier's total number of Arrival Authorizations below eight.

(e) Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (a) of this section, the FAA will notify the affected Carrier before withdrawing or temporarily suspending any Arrival Authorization and specify the date by which operations under the authorizations must cease. The FAA will provide at least 45 days' notice unless otherwise required by operational needs.

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