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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 93.303 — Definitions.

For the purposes of this subpart:

Allocation means authorization to conduct a commercial air tour in the Grand Canyon National Park (GCNP) Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA).

Commercial air tour means any flight conducted for compensation or hire in a powered aircraft where a purpose of the flight is sightseeing. If the operator of a flight asserts that the flight is not a commercial air tour, factors that can be considered by the Administrator in making a determination of whether the flight is a commercial air tour include, but are not limited to—

(1) Whether there was a holding out to the public of willingness to conduct a sightseeing flight for compensation or hire;

(2) Whether a narrative was provided that referred to areas or points of interest on the surface;

(3) The area of operation;

(4) The frequency of flights;

(5) The route of flight;

(6) The inclusion of sightseeing flights as part of any travel arrangement package; or

(7) Whether the flight in question would or would not have been canceled based on poor visibility of the surface.

Commercial Special Flight Rules Area Operation means any portion of any flight within the Grand Canyon National Park Special Flight Rules Area that is conducted by a certificate holder that has operations specifications authorizing flights within the Grand Canyon National Park Special Flight Rules Area. This term does not include operations conducted under an FAA Form 7711–1, Certificate of Waiver or Authorization. The types of flights covered by this definition are set forth in the “Las Vegas Flight Standards District Office Grand Canyon National Park Special Flight Rules Area Procedures Manual” which is available from the Las Vegas Flight Standards District Office.

Flight Standards District Office means the FAA Flight Standards District Office with jurisdiction for the geographical area containing the Grand Canyon.

GCNP quiet aircraft technology designation means an aircraft that is subject to §93.301 and has been shown to comply with the noise limit specified in appendix A of this part.

Number of passenger seats means the number of passenger seats for which an individual aircraft is configured.

Park means Grand Canyon National Park.

Special Flight Rules Area means the Grand Canyon National Park Special Flight Rules Area.

[65 FR 17732, Apr. 4, 2000, as amended at 70 FR 16092, Mar. 29, 2005]

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