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We are looking for a few good aircraft pictures to display on this site for other aviation enthusiasts to see. Please take a moment to fill out the form below if you have any airplane pictures you are willing to share with us to publish on this website.

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What makes a good photo?

  • You took the photo yourself or you otherwise own the copyright to the photo.
  • It is a high-quality shot of any machine (or hot air balloon) designed for powered flight and to carry human passengers.
  • The photo is 1024x768 pixels or bigger and the scan (if it was originally taken on a film camera) is high quality.
  • Shots of the interior and exterior of aircraft are accepted.
  • If you have several similar photos (same aircraft, same basic view), please choose only the best one and send that one.
  • Please only send pics featuring the aircraft itself... not your spouse, children, or neighbor's pet alligator standing in front of it.

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