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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 121.431 — Applicability.

(a) This subpart:

(1) Prescribes crewmember qualifications for all certificate holders except where otherwise specified. The qualification requirements of this subpart also apply to each certificate holder that conducts commuter operations under part 135 of this chapter with airplanes for which two pilots are required by the aircraft type certification rules of this chapter. The Administrator may authorize any other certificate holder that conducts operations under part 135 of this chapter to comply with the training and qualification requirements of this subpart instead of subparts E, G, and H of part 135 of this chapter, except that these certificate holders may choose to comply with the operating experience requirements of §135.344 of this chapter, instead of the requirements of §121.434; and

(2) Permits training center personnel authorized under part 142 of this chapter who meet the requirements of §§121.411 through 121.414 to provide training, testing, and checking under contract or other arrangement to those persons subject to the requirements of this subpart.

(b) For the purpose of this subpart, the airplane groups and terms and definitions prescribed in §121.400 and the following definitions apply:

Consolidation is the process by which a person through practice and practical experience increases proficiency in newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Line operating flight time is flight time performed in operations under this part.

Operating cycle is a complete flight segment consisting of a takeoff, climb, enroute portion, descent, and a landing.

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