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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 121.432 — General.

(a) Except in the case of operating experience under §121.434, a pilot who serves as second in command of an operation that requires three or more pilots must be fully qualified to act as pilot in command of that operation.

(b) No certificate holder may conduct a check or any training in operations under this part, except for the following checks and training required by this part or the certificate holder:

(1) Line checks for pilots.

(2) Flight navigator training conducted under the supervision of a flight navigator flight instructor.

(3) Flight navigator flight checks.

(4) Flight engineer checks (except for emergency procedures), if the person being checked is qualified and current in accordance with §121.453(a).

(5) Flight attendant training and competence checks.

Except for pilot line checks and flight engineer flight checks, the person being trained or checked may not be used as a required crewmember.

(c) For the purposes of this subpart the airplane groups prescribed in §121.400 apply.

(d) For the purposes of this subpart the terms and definitions in §121.400 apply.

[Doc. No. 9509, 35 FR 95, Jan. 3, 1970, as amended by Amdt. 121–130, 41 FR 47229, Oct. 28, 1976]

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