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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 137.41 — Personnel.

(a) Information. The holder of an agricultural aircraft operator certificate shall insure that each person used in the holder's agricultural aircraft operation is informed of that person's duties and responsibilities for the operation.

(b) Supervisors. No person may supervise an agricultural aircraft operation unless he has met the knowledge and skill requirements of §137.19(e).

(c) Pilot in command. No person may act as pilot in command of an aircraft unless he holds a pilot certificate and rating prescribed by §137.19 (b) or (c), as appropriate to the type of operation conducted. In addition, he must demonstrate to the holder of the Agricultural Aircraft Operator Certificate conducting the operation that he has met the knowledge and skill requirements of §137.19(e). If the holder of that certificate has designated a person under §137.19(e) to supervise his agricultural aircraft operations the demonstration must be made to the person so designated. However, a demonstration of the knowledge and skill requirement is not necessary for any pilot in command who—

(1) Is, at the time of the filing of an application by an agricultural aircraft operator, working as a pilot in command for that operator; and

(2) Has a record of operation under that applicant that does not disclose any question regarding the safety of his flight operations or his competence in dispensing agricultural materials or chemicals.

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