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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 145.163 — Training requirements.

(a) A certificated repair station must have an employee training program approved by the FAA that consists of initial and recurrent training. For purposes of meeting the requirements of this paragraph, beginning April 6, 2006—

(1) An applicant for a repair station certificate must submit a training program for approval by the FAA as required by §145.51(a)(7).

(2) A repair station certificated before that date must submit its training program to the FAA for approval by the last day of the month in which its repair station certificate was issued.

(b) The training program must ensure each employee assigned to perform maintenance, preventive maintenance, or alterations, and inspection functions is capable of performing the assigned task.

(c) A certificated repair station must document, in a format acceptable to the FAA, the individual employee training required under paragraph (a) of this section. These training records must be retained for a minimum of 2 years.

(d) A certificated repair station must submit revisions to its training program to its certificate holding district office in accordance with the procedures required by §145.209(e).

[Docket No. FAA–1999–5836, 66 FR 41117, Aug. 6, 2001, as amended at 70 FR 15581, Mar. 28, 2005]

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