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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 145.165 — Hazardous materials training.

(a) Each repair station that meets the definition of a hazmat employer under 49 CFR 171.8 must have a hazardous materials training program that meets the training requirements of 49 CFR part 172 subpart H.

(b) A repair station employee may not perform or directly supervise a job function listed in §121.1001 or §135.501 for, or on behalf of the part 121 or 135 operator including loading of items for transport on an aircraft operated by a part 121 or part 135 certificate holder unless that person has received training in accordance with the part 121 or part 135 operator's FAA approved hazardous materials training program.

[Doc. No. FAA–2003–15085, 70 FR 58831, Oct. 7, 2005]

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