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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 151.131 — Forms.

[Lists of Advisory Circulars incorporated by §151.72: (a) Circulars available free of charge. ]

AC 150/5300–3Adaptation of TSO-N18 Criterion to Clearways and Stopways.
AC 150/5325–2AAirport Surface Areas Gradient Standards.
AC 150/5325–4Runway Length Requirements for Airport Design.
AC 150/5330–2Runway/Taxiway Widths and Clearances.
AC 150/5335–1Airway Taxiways.
AC 150/5340–1AMarking of Serviceable Runways and Taxiways.
AC 150/5340–3Configuration Details of In-Runway Lighting: Touchdown Zone, Runway Centerline, and Taxiway Turnoff Lighting Systems.
AC 150/5340–4AInstallation Details for Centerline and Touchdown Zone Lighting Systems.
AC 150/5340–5Segmented Circle Airport Marker System.
AC 150/5340–7Marking of Deceptive, Closed, and Hazardous Areas on Airports.
AC 150/5340–13High Intensity Lighting System.
AC 150/5340–14Economy Approach Lighting Aids.
AC 150/5340–15Taxiway Lighting System.
AC 150/5345–1AApproved Airport Lighting Equipment.
AC 150/5345–2Specification for L–810 Obstruction Light.
AC 150/5345–3Specification for L–821 Airport Lighting Panel for Remote Control of Airport Lighting.
AC 150/5345–4Specification for L–829 Internally Lighted Airport Taxi Guidance Sign.
AC 150/5345–5Specification for L–847 Circuit Selector Switch, 5000 Volt 20 Ampere.
AC 150/5345–6Specification for L–809 Airport Light Base and Transformer Housing.
AC 150/5345–7Specification for L–824 Underground Electrical Cables for Airport Lighting Circuits.
AC 150/5345–8Specification for L–840 Low Intensity Runway, Landing Strip and Taxiway Light.
AC 150/5345–9ASpecification for L–819 Fixed Focus Bidirectional High Intensity Runway Light.
AC 150/5345–10ASpecification for L–828 Constant Current Regulator with Stepless Brightness Control.
AC 150/5345–11Specification for L–812 Static Indoor Type Constant Current Regulator Assembly, 4 KW and 7 1/2 KW, with Brightness Control for Remote Operation.
AC 150/5345–12Specification for L–801 Beacon for Small Airports.
AC 150/5345–13Specification for L–841 Auxiliary Relay Cabinet Assembly for Pilot Control of Airport Lighting Circuits.
AC 150/5345–14Specification for L–827 “A” Frame Hinged Support for 12–Foot Wind Cone.
AC 150/5345–15Specification for L–842 Airport Centerline Light.
AC 150/5345–16Specification for L–843 Airport In-Runway Touchdown Zone Light.
AC 150/5345–17Specification for L–845 Semiflush Inset Prismatic Airport Light.
AC 150/5345–18Specification for L–811 Static Indoor Type Constant Current Regulator Assembly, 4 KW; With Brightness Control and Runway Selection for Direct Operation.
AC 150/5345–19Specification for L–838 Semiflush Prismatic Airport Light.
AC 150/5345–20Specification for L–802 Runway and Strip Light.
AC 150/5345–21Specification for L–813 Static Indoor Type Constant Current Regulator Assembly; 4 KW and 7 1/2 KW; for Remote Operation of Taxiway Lights.
AC 150/5345–22Specification for L–834 Individual Lamp Series-to-Series Type Insulating Transformer for 5,000 Volt Series Circuit.
AC 150/5345–23Specification for L–822 Taxiway Edge Light.
AC 150/5345–24Specification for L–849 Condenser Discharge Type Flashing Light.
AC 150/5345–25Specification for L–848 Medium Intensity Approach Light Bar Assembly.
AC 150/5345–26Specification for L–823 Plug and Receptacle, Cable Connectors.
AC 150/5345–27Specification for L–807 Eight-Foot Illuminated Wind Cone.
AC 150/5345–30Specification for L–846 Electrical Wire for Lighting Circuits To Be Installed in Airport Pavements.
AC 150/5345–31Specification for L–833 Individual Lamp Series-to-Series Type Insulating Transformer for 600 Volt or 3,000 Volt Series Circuits.
AC 150/5345–32Specification for L–837 Large-Size Light Base and Transformer Housing.
AC 150/5345–33Specification for L–844 Individual Lamp Series-to-Series Type Insulating Transformer for 5,000 Volt Series Circuit 20/6.6 Amperes 200 Watt.
AC 150/5345–34Specification for L–839 Individual Lamp Series-to-Series Type Insulating Transformer for 5,000 Volt Series Circuit 6.6/20 Amperes 300 Watt.
AC 150/5345–35Specification for L–816 Circuit Selector Cabinet Assembly for 600 Volt Series Circuits.
AC 150/5345–36Specification for L–808 Lighted Wind Tee.
AC 150/5345–37AFAA Specification L–850, Light Assembly, Airport Runway, Centerline.
AC 150/5370–3Materials and Tests Required by AC 150/5370–1, Standard Specifications for Construction of Airports.
AC 150/5310–1Preparation of Airport Layout Plans.
(b) Circulars for sale at the price stated.
AC 150/5370–1Standard Specifications for Construction of Airports; $2.75.
AC 150/5370–1, CH 1Standard Specifications for Construction of Airports; $0.35.

[Amdt. 151–13, 31 FR 11606, Sept. 2, 1966, as amended by Amdt. 151–15, 31 FR 13423, Oct. 18, 1966]

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