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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 34.60 — Introduction.

(a) Except as provided under §34.5, the procedures described in this subpart shall constitute the test program used to determine the conformity of new aircraft gas turbine engines with the applicable standards set forth in this part.

(b) The test consists of operating the engine at prescribed power settings on an engine dynamometer (for engines producing primarily shaft power) or thrust measuring test stand (for engines producing primarily thrust). The exhaust gases generated during engine operation must be sampled continuously for specific component analysis through the analytical train.

(c) The exhaust emission test is designed to measure concentrations of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and oxides of nitrogen, and to determine mass emissions through calculations during a simulated aircraft landing-takeoff cycle (LTO). The LTO cycle is based on time in mode data during high activity periods at major airports. The test for propulsion engines consists of at least the following four modes of engine operation: taxi/idle, takeoff, climbout, and approach. The mass emission for the modes are combined to yield the reported values.

(d) When an engine is tested for exhaust emissions on an engine dynamometer or test stand, the complete engine (with all accessories which might reasonably be expected to influence emissions to the atmosphere installed and functioning), shall be used if not otherwise prohibited by §34.62(a)(2). Use of service air bleed and shaft power extraction to power auxiliary, gearbox-mounted components required to drive aircraft systems is not permitted.

(e) Other gaseous emissions measurement systems may be used if shown to yield equivalent results and if approved in advance by the Administrator or the Administrator of the EPA.

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