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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 34.61 — Turbine fuel specifications.

For exhaust emission testing, fuel that meets the specifications listed in this section shall be used. Additives used for the purpose of smoke suppression (such as organometallic compounds) shall not be present.

Specification for Fuel To Be Used in Aircraft Turbine Engine Emission Testing

PropertyAllowable range of values
Density at 15 °C780–820.
Distillation Temperature, °C 10% Boiling Point155–201.
Final Boiling Point235–285.
Net Heat of Combustion, MJ/Kg42.86–43.50.
Aromatics, Volume %15–23.
Naphthalenes, Volume %1.0–3.5.
Smoke point, mm20–28.
Hydrogen, Mass %13.4–14.1.
Sulfur Mass %Less than 0.3%.
Kinematic viscosity at—20 °C, mm2/sec2.5–6.5.

[Doc. No. FAA–1999–5018, 64 FR 5559, Feb. 3, 1999]

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