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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 47.51 — Triennial aircraft registration report.

Link to an amendment published at 75 FR 41983, July 20, 2010.

(a) Unless one of the registration activities listed in paragraph (b) of this section has occurred within the preceding 36 calendar months, the holder of each Certificate of Aircraft Registration issued under this subpart shall submit, on the form provided by the FAA Aircraft Registry and in the manner described in paragraph (c) of this section, a Triennial Aircraft Registration Report, certifying—

(1) The current identification number (registration mark) assigned to the aircraft;

(2) The name and permanent mailing address of the certificate holder;

(3) The name of the manufacturer of the aircraft and its model and serial number;

(4) Whether the certificate holder is—

(i) A citizen of the United States;

(ii) An individual citizen of a foreign country who has lawfully been admitted for permanent residence in the United States; or

(iii) A corporation (other than a corporation which is a citizen of the United States) lawfully organized and doing business under the laws of the United States or any State thereof; and

(5) Whether the aircraft is currently registered under the laws of any foreign country.

(b) The FAA Aircraft Registry will forward a Triennial Aircraft Registration Report to each holder of a Certificate of Aircraft Registration whenever 36 months has expired since the latest of the following registration activities occurred with respect to the certificate holder's aircraft:

(1) The submission of an Application for Aircraft Registration.

(2) The submission of a report or statement required by §47.9(f).

(3) The filing of a notice of change of permanent mailing address.

(4) The filing of an application for a duplicate Certificate of Aircraft Registration.

(5) The filing of an application for a change of aircraft identification number.

(6) The submission of an Aircraft Registration Eligibility, Identification, and Activity Report, Part 1, AC Form 8050–73, under former §47.44.

(7) The submission of a Triennial Aircraft Registration Report under this section.

(c) The holder of the Certificate of Aircraft Registration shall return the Triennial Aircraft Registration Report to the FAA Aircraft Registry within 60 days after issuance by the FAA Aircraft Registry. The report must be dated, legibly executed, and signed by the certificate holder in the manner prescribed by §47.13, except that any co-owner may sign for all co-owners.

(d) Refusal or failure to submit the Triennial Aircraft Registration Report with the information required by this section may be cause for suspension or revocation of the Certificate of Aircraft Registration in accordance with Part 13 of this chapter.

[Amdt. 47–21, 45 FR 20773, Mar. 31, 1980]

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